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Let us each be the change we want to see in the world – Lets stop asking  “how can the world be a better place?” – The question to ask is “how can I make it a better place?” – To that there is an answer!

At Project SHIP you can get involved with volunteering for the charity. This is a truly rewarding opportunity and you can help support the community of Swaziland that has suffered the catastrophic effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic coupled with severe food shortage due to successive years of drought.

We are offering various volunteer opportunities and are inviting interested parties to join SHIP. Age is not important as long as you are interested in a unique, authentic African experience and like to help and support the local community. Please get in touch with us here for further information.

Please also find a typical itinerary of some of the projects you could get involved with while volunteering at Project SHIP.

Guest itinerary 

Volunteering 1
Volunteering 2