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Many elderly ladies in the UK are giving their time by knitting for various projects. Mainly to keep children warm during the colder winter months by providing cardigans, jumpers, hats, scarves and blankets. The knitted teddies are loved by children and adults alike and are especially welcomed by the sick children at Good Shepherds Hospital.
Not only are the knitted items needed, loved and very welcome by various communities in Swaziland they also give all the many elderly knitters in the UK a purpose in life. Pictures of the recipients of the donated items be it teddies, jumpers or otherwise are periodically given to the knitters to enable them to see and to get to know the child or person they are supporting and helping.
The following is an example of one of the active groups, although there are many single knitters and other groups too.
Burwell display
The Burwell Pins and Needles group meet once a month on a Tuesday morning. They have nine members with an average age of 85 years ranging from 73 to 91.
They knit and enjoy each other’s company. Each member knits a different item like teddies, blankets, baby items, jumpers and hats.Here are some quotes from the group: 

“Knitting teddies for the children makes me and hopefully them happy and smile”

“I enjoy the company of the group and doing something useful with my life and for others”

The group include Phyllis, Judith, Betty, Gwyneth, Joan, Ingeborg, Jenny and Aileen.

Burwell Pins and Needles group